New house keys

Just bought a house? What’s next?

So you just bought a new house. After waiting around a month negotiating with the sellers, getting a good mortgage rate from your lender, scouting for home insurance, signing all those escrow documents, you finally have the keys to your own home! But now what’s next?

Here are some tips on preparing for your move:

  1. First thing is to start utility services in your new house. Make sure you turn gas, electricity, and water on. Create an account with your city’s waste management company. Also schedule installation for your new internet service. Instead of opting for paperless statements, it might be a good idea to choose paper statements for proof of residence purposes.
  2. Change your mailing address. Go to the USPS website and fill out the online address change for you and your family. Do this also with bank accounts, credit cards, driver licenses, etc.
  3. Clean and fix your old rental place for final walkthrough with your landlord. If you put a lot of hanging things on the walls, make sure you cover those holes up and paint them. Make sure there is no damage to the house. Your landlord can keep a portion of your security deposit if he finds anything destroyed. Gather all house keys and garage remotes before you leave.
  4. Figure out what furniture, appliances, and stuff you want to bring to your new house, and what not. If you are moving to a smaller place, it is advisable to sell or donate stuff you don’t use so often.
  5. If you are planning to renovate your new house, like maybe update the kitchen, bathroom, floors, etc. make sure you plan your moving date accordingly. You don’t wanna be moving to a house under construction.
  6. Lastly, meet your new neighbors. Take time to say Hi and remember their names. There’s nothing like a good neighborhood to live in.

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